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About us


The Orkney Clay Pigeon Club (OCPC) is a voluntary organisation currently based at Cruaday Quarry and Hatston Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Kirkwall.  We shoot Automatic Ball Trap (ABT), Down The Line (DTL), Double Rise, Sporting and English and Olympic Skeet. 
Following a lengthy planning and fundraising process, OCPC has recently started clearing the site of a new shooting ground at Rams Dale near Orphir village.  We have been awarded a grant from Orkney Islands Council and SportScotland towards the construction of a clubhouse and layouts incorporating the disciplines detailed above.  Photographs of the progress being made at Rams Dale can be seen in the “Site Works” page.
OCPC hope to register the Rams Dale ground so that our members and visiting shooters can submit scores obtained at OCPC to assist with international selection.
Our membership form can be downloaded by clicking on the link below and the cost of annual membership plus the cost of an average shoot can be seem in the membership section.

New site works


Since its inception, Orkney Clay Pigeon Club (OCPC) has shot at a ground on the Hatston industrial estate in Kirkwall.  Unfortunately, a change in the legislation with regards to lead shot entering the water environment means that we can no longer shoot at Hatston as the ground is situated just above the shoreline.  To this end, we have temporarily moved to Cruaday Quarry.

Over the last five years we have gone through the process of attempting to locate an area of land which would be suitable for adapting into a shooting ground.  This has proven difficult for various reasons not least, identifying land that is far enough away from housing so as not to cause a nuisance whilst at the same time having access to it.  However, we have secured a lease on an area of hill ground which meets our requirements. 

OCPC has recently received funding from SportScotland, Awards for All and the Community Development Fund which is administered by Orkney Islands Council.  Construction of the new shooting ground at Rams Dale started on 8th March 2013.  Progress on the construction will be posted on this site and our Facebook page which can be accessed by following the link below.




2013 Club Price List (Competition & Practice)
Annual Adult Membership £25
Where annual membership is applicable all shooters should complete an application form and present this to the club Treasurer along with your current shotgun certificate and payment.
Daily Membership (Adult) £2.50
Junior Memberships are free (17 and under).


Click on pdf to download our membership form